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Nina Turner and Amelia Hayes speak out against GOP efforts to suppress the vote in Ohio

As you know, one of our least favorite things here at the OUC is disenfranchisement. Last spring, Republican legislators in Ohio deceitfully added provisions to our state’s transportation budget aimed at making it more difficult for students and members of the military to vote. Check out this video to see former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner and activist Amelia Hayes share some powerful words concerning these suppressive tactics on MSNBC’s The Ed Show.

Both of these vibrant, intelligent, black female leaders of the modern civil rights movement speak to the vast importance of mobilizing the voters who are most targeted by this kind of suppressive legislation, check out <inpatient drug rehab San Diego.

“50 years from Selma, 50 years from the Voting Rights Act, I know the foremothers and forefathers who gave their blood and their sweat and their tears are turning over in their graves. We have to get people out to vote.” -Nina Turner

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