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Participate in #StateOfRace Twitter chat before President Obama’s final State of the Union

The issue of race in America came front and center in 2015. It left most of us hopeful that we could finally have a family conversation about what it means to be non-white in this nation. Sadly, the opportunity to have real conversation was never seized and what we know is that we are a long way from progressing past this issue.

Our good friends at the Advancement Project will be hosting a conversation on Twitter about THE YEAR THAT WAS RACE and we encourage you all to join in that conversation. Officially, the Twitter chat will be taking place from 3-4pm on Tuesday, January 12, but you can join or view the conversation at any points using the hashtags listed below.

Make your voice heard before Tuesday’s State Of The Union (#SOTU) by joining the #StateofRace Twitter Town Hall hosted by @adv_project. Be sure to follow and tag @OhioUnity as well, so we can engage with what you’re tweeting!

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