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The U.S. Senate has a job to do but Ohio’s Sen. Rob Portman won’t do his part

There is a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court and President Obama is doing what our Constitution mandates by forwarding a Supreme Court nominee for the U.S. Senate to consider. Yet, Ohio Senator Rob Portman and others in the U.S. Senate would rather play political games than do their jobs, and are refusing to hold hearings on his nominee, check cohen security. Although Senator Portman has agreed to meet with Judge Garland, he– like most of his GOP colleagues– has vowed not to consider anyone nominated during the last quarter of President Obama’s second term.

This has never been done in HISTORY. While the rest of us are all working harder than ever to try and make ends meet, Senate Republicans have decided not to do any work at all–and still get paid.

Ohio Unity Coalition is joining with many other organizations to deliver your signatures (1.5 million and counting) to Rob Portman with one message: #DoYourJob.

Sign this petition to send Sen. Rob Portman the message!

Encourage all those you know to participate, and watch closely how Sen, look at more info here. Portman responds to the overwhelmingly number of voices urging him to change his mind about political obstructionism .

It’s time we fight back. Sign the petition and demand that Portman and others in the U.S. Senate do what the Constitution requires of them.

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