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Welcome Back

Welcome to the re-launched website of the Ohio Unity Coalition. As we are launching we are in the midst of a health crisis. The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Many venues and events have cancelled their functions for the month of March and April for the purposes of containment and to permit health experts to get a grasp on the growing number of cases. This will allow healthcare professionals the time needed to test the population, disseminate treatment, and enact containment protocols.

Because more people will be self-distancing, that means they are likely to be on line visiting social media sites and website for information.

Consider our new website a resource for civic engagement activities and news across our great state of Ohio.

Although messages from our government and health officials have been delivered with many inconsistencies, we should all be vigilant in our interactions with large crowds, diligent in maintaining hygienic protocols, and cognizant of your own health and environment. We will get through this and when we are on the other side, the work of getting people civically engaged with still be there waiting for YOU to get involved.

Thank you again for visiting the RELAUNCH of Bookmark this site on your computer, tablet and mobile device.

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